Dating and marriage customs in russia

The Russian government requires that foreigners who wish to marry in Russia, have in their possession the originals of all pertinent civil documents (i.e.their last divorce certificate, their passports, etc.) In St.It's important that you understand that some embassies will require additional documents (besides your passport) to be able to issue you the Marriage Letter.

In every case it is necessary to contact your embassy in Russia or in your native country for detailed and accurate information. The visa and the first page of the passport, where the first page with all the personal information is contained, should be translated into Russian (by a specific translating agency) and should have a Russian notary proof (stamped and signed).

If the passport is translated at the foreigner's embassy, an authority should sign the translation so that it is legal.

The Certificate should be then legalized by attaching a Foreign and Commonwealth Office certificate to it, also called an "Apostille". Petersburg on Tavricheskaya Street, 39, room # 312, tel.

( 7812) 771-3651, or at your country's embassy in Russia. The papers will be issued within 21 to 30 working days.

This document can be obtained through the embassy or through your local authorities.

In case you do it through your local authorities (outside Russia) the notice of marriage will be given in the area of your usual residence, and if in the period of 14 to 21 days (depending on the country) there's no objection to it, the Marriage Letter will be issued.And here the main advice is to check with your home embassy about the process and what exact papers are obligatory.The process is similar in all cases, so we will attempt to underline the main steps and procedures.This stamp gives this certificate international legitimacy and is proof of the marriage in native countries.Tanya, our former editor, and her husband applied to the Wedding Palace - Angliyskaya emb., on the 27th of October, 2004 and booked a wedding date for February 25th 2005.For foreigners this is a more complicated process because of the paper work required.